4 Logo Cliches Every Business Owner Needs To Steer Clear Of

If you are currently in the midst of starting your own business, then you are probably dreamily doodling your ambitious logo over and over again while you negotiate deals over the phone.

All of us new business owners have been there – torn between what our head says our logo should be and what our hearts say it should be. At the end of the day, the logo will follow you around for as long as you own the company – so don't be fooled into thinking it is unimportant! Your logo is the foundation on which you will build brand awareness and inspire customers to remember you. It is vital! It must be representative of you and your business while still maintaining a professional air and marking your business as distinguished from the rest.

Now that you are suitably worried about whether or not your logo lives up to standard let's go into greater detail about those overused and cliched logos that should be avoided at all costs.

1. Colourful Dots

Technological companies are turning to this strange array of dots with a splash of color to them more and more nowadays. It has been done, and although vaguely pretty, you have to be especially careful about the colors you use, lest your logo remind clients of someone else's firm. Coloured dots are not playful, nor do they accurately represent all of the workings of a computer. They are simply outdated and need to remain in the nineties along with Walkmans and cassette tapes.

2. Chat Bubbles

Social media companies are increasingly taking up the chat bubble as a symbol of what they represent. While it might be reasonably accurate, it still isn't unique to anyone else. This also applies to thought bubbles. Both will make your logo look more like a comic book than a professional symbol.

3. The Arc

An arch over your company name is so last decade. In symbolism, the arc represents progress and strength, a company that bridges gaps in diversity and grows from solid foundations – but in reality, it is overused. This once sound theme is now so retro that looking at a loop of color over a company name makes one think instantly of the fifties. Stop it. It's no longer funny.

4. Just Plain Fonts

Typing out your company name in severe and bold letters does not a logo make, trust us. Even change to a different font for a variety... The Helvetica script thing has become repetitive beyond monotony. Similarly, just because you sell kids, clothing or toys does not mean you can use Comic Sans so freely. The wobbling letters scream 'unprofessional' and 'child's play.' Unless that is how you desire your company to be seen by potential clients then turn away from that ledge and come back towards the light.

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